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You've gone back in time, and to Mars!

7 May 1988
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I am a twenty-two year old that loves coloring and D&D.
You could say I've said fair well to my maturity and
sent it on it's merry way. I enjoy a good many things,
one of which is Batman for no real reason other than I can.

I like
- Bandaids
- Boys kissing
- Cereal for Dinner
- Harvest Moon
- Loud music so I can sing with out being heard
- Lollipops all kinds
- Starting video games...it's finishing them I have a hard time with
- Yoda, we're married!
- Spending money I don't have on things I don't need
- Sleeping when it is raining
- Collecting keys
- The bad jokes on popsicle sticks
- Dissecting things in biology class

I do not like
- Being licked, though it happens more than it should
- Muddy snow
- Mailing things
- Animal Crossing for some reason
- Missing people
- Artichokes
- Buzzkills
- Grape flavored things

List of favorite boys (fictional)
1. Yamamoto Takeshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
2. Kurogane (Tsubasa)
3. Conrad Weller (Kyou Kara Maoh)
4. Renji Abari (Bleach)

And Finn Hudson (Glee) <33

I call them my Blender Boys, because one day I will mix them all
up into a blender and the resulting boy will be mine forever.
So if you ever happen to run into him let him know I am looking for him! ♥